Fall in love!

autumn-loveOctober. Summer is nothing but a memory.Eautumn2veryone is back to his “normal” life: children go to school, people to offices. You breath a renewed energy, everything takes on new colours and cities are full again.fall-love-leave-etching

Temperatures start to drop but are not yet cold. This could be a perfect moment to think about your wedding! Just imagine the beautiful setting of colours and perfumes the Mediterranean can offer in this period!

36e45c965a198a00abb774e16f46fc82Autumn weddings are among the most romantic because of season colours and falling leaves. Why don’t you consider the idea of choosing this period for your magic day? Med inStyle wedding designers are here to plan your event using this great scenario just for you!

FallingInLoveCranberry and burnt orange tones, sunflower yellow, dark purples, deep reds and chocolate browns mixed with gold and dark blue offered by the nature will surely create a 1breathtaking atmosphere for your ceremony. Of course, according to how rustic or classic you want your special day to be, the kind of décor will change: natural wood tables and chairs, leaves and candle.

In this season, you can choose bridesmaid’s dresses, seasonal food and drinks that are rich in colour; we can use what the season offers to create lovely centrepieces and decorations.

FallingInLove 2psdSo, don’t you think it’s time to contact us to book your site inspections for your destination wedding in Italy? We will be exited and happy to show you all the potential Mediterranean venues for your special day!


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