Falling in love – Mediterranean Autumn Wedding

autumn wedding

Autumn. We all love it for its colors and sounds, and also for hot chocolate! Not too cold, but just crisp enough to make us think of wood fires and candle light. But not many brides-to-be immediately think wedding season when the temperatures start to drop.

Med inStyle wedding designers are here to give you several reasons autumn could also be your best bet for your wedding. From cost to color palette to accessories, we hope a lot of planning brides will be penciling in October and November fall wedding dates for 2015!

autumn wedding

Cranberry and orange tones, dark pinks and maroons, sunflower yellow and dusty blue can work together to make a royal color palette perfect for the season. For the most classical brides, mix warm colors with gold.

When it comes to decor, autumn can be the simplest and most economical season to hold a wedding. Think about pine cones and colored leaves, ribbons and lace to tie them together as you tie the knot.

Let’s talk about photographs, something so many of you have at the top of the lists for wedding priorities. Want glowy light? Go for an autumn wedding! Summer sun can mean bright, harsh light that makes taking photographs more difficult and the result more severe.

Make sure to visit potential venues in the autumn season to see where, when and how leaves might be changing. Sooo… it’s time to contact us in order to book your site inspections for your destination wedding in Italy!


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