How to personalize a wedding veil

The first thing everybody thought about amazing Brangelina secret wedding in Provence is “How sweet is her bridal veil! Her children made it with love!”.

angelina jolie wedding gown

So my dear brides-to-be, let’s think about how to personalize your veil!

Historically a veil was worn to protect the bride from evil spirits; nowadays it is simply considered a beautiful form of adornment. But the decision isn’t as simple as “to veil or not to veil.” Different types of veils and lengths can completely transform your wedding style. Make it unique and unforgettable following our simple advices. At the start, there are some details you have to choose:

– the lenght and the number of layers: an old Italian tradition sees the veil as long as the engagement period with initials at the end of it; if you choose a short wedding dress, the perfect match is a tiny veil with headpieces;

– the edging: you cannot imagine how many there are!

– the embroidered monogram: lace or sparkling? The first suits classical and vintage ceremony, the latter New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The color of the veil must be suitable to your wedding gown, unless you choose showy colours. You will see how much it helps shape a bride’s style.

In order to personalize it, you can add accents (pearls, paillettes, glitter, lace flowers) or something that recalls the theme of you event. Here you are some examples, also from famous brides.

Anne Hathaway chose a pink Valentino wedding gown with lace headband.
In Sex & the City Movie, Carrie Bradshaw chose a showy blue peacock feather




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