Vows Renewal Ceremony

vows renewal

True love happens, and if it does, you should let the world know.
Maybe you went through difficulties and you want to reaffirm your commitment to each other or maybe you want to finally have the big wedding celebration you couldn’t afford when you first got married. Whatever is your reason, it’s definitely a good one to celebrate and renew your wedding vows!

vows renewal
Here you have some important tips.

1. How Soon After The First Ceremony Can You Renew?
A reaffirmation can take place literally anytime after the actual wedding – the next day or 30 years later. Be sure to reserve the occasion for milestone years.

2. Where Should It Be?
You can renew your vows at home, on the beach, where you first got married or met. The only important thing is that you choose a place that has sentimental meaning for both of you.

3. Who Officiates?
Because a vow renewal is not a legally binding ceremony like a wedding is, virtually anyone you’d like can officiate at the ceremony: your children, a close relative or even close friends. Perhaps the best man or maid of honor at the couple’s first wedding would like to take the honors.

4. Who Should Be Invited?
You might choose to have an intimate reaffirmation, inviting just close family and friends who’ve known you through the years. Or it can be a blowout party for your extended family and circle of friends.

5. What Should You Wear?
This is a time to dress to the nines: a pretty cocktail dress, a formal evening gown, or a nice suit, depending on your taste and the formality and style of the celebration. Skip the veil, but wear a hat or flowers in your hair if you’d like. Carry flowers or don a corsage.
If you’re the groom, you might wear your original suit (or uniform if you’re in the military), updated with a new tie or vest. Wear a gift of jewelry your wife has given you – cuff links, a watch – and a boutonniere in your lapel.

We are currently organizing a Vows Renewal Ceremony for Karla and Leo. They chose such an intimate location: the Migliera Belvedere. Then, a classy restaurant will wait for them with a freeze Italian Prosecco.


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