Mediterranean Photo Booth ideas

mediterranean wedding

Do you know you want a photo booth at your wedding, but you aren’t sure exactly what it should look like? Luckily for you, we are! There’s tons of natural inspiration out there about different and unique photo booth backdrop in our Mediterranean region.

A photo booth station aims to capture images all day long so that you and your guests can have something to remember the special occasion in a way nothing else can. It will allow your guests express themselves after the pomp of a formal ceremony, giving them a chance to cut loose, and will also provide you with memories that last forever.
For this reason, we suggest you to choose a booth which prints out all shots as they are taken which means your guests walk away with their photos. Have an attendant cut each down the middle—guests keep one strip, and the other can be pasted into your guest book. “Have each guest write a message to go with it,” says Andrea Most Gottschall of A Most Creative Affair.

mediterranean photo booth (1) mediterranean photo booth (2)

Make sure you provide the guests with wedding photo booth props. You can buy hats, glasses, picture frames, safeguards jacket… of course respecting the theme of your wedding. Be creative! Look around the reception. What are some items there that can add creativity to the photos? Napkins and silverware may still be on the tables, the bartender may have something you can borrow, or simply have someone show you the delicious wedding cake.

mediterranean wedding

Encourage people to keep coming back. It’s not a “you get one chance and that’s it” type of booth, but a night of multiple opportunities to be in front of the camera. Many people love to have their picture taken; encourage those people to come back in order to have more fun. As groom and bride, you should come back again and again!

mediterranean photo booth (1)


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