Non-floral Wedding Centerpieces

non floral wedding centerpieces

Imagining the Big Day, one immediately think about flower arrangements. But what if you don’t like flower or don’t want to cut any plant? From natural shells to cascades of candles, we’ve found non-floral options to suit every wedding style and budget!

Candles make an enchanting atmosphere: we can choose different shapes and colours and create scenografic decorations. Our tip is to display sleek tapers that match your palette in a variety of shapely glass candlesticks.

non floral wedding centerpiece If you and your soul mate met at High School or University, what’s better than book centerpieces? Your favourite poems or novels, a few yards of coloured ribbon et voilà!

non floral wedding centerpiece
Wheter you feel romantic but stylish we can arrange feathers centerpieces, soft and colourful. Mix it with lace flowers and the effect will be sooo glamour!
For an eco-friendly wedding we propose you small vases with Rosemary, Basil and Mint.

Your venue decorations can also be seasonal. In winter use Christmas balls, in summer shells and starfishes (replicas of course!), or precious red coral.
On New Year’s Eve choose whatches and balloons!

non floral wedding centerpiece

non floral wedding centerpiece

If you choose our amazing Marrakech we can use lanterns and scented oils.

Our real bride Claudia chose handmade ceramic Sea Urchins for her destination wedding in Capri. They were surrounded by shells and candles or sometimes by gypsophila (the only flowers she loves).

non floral wedding centerpieces

non floral wedding centerpiece

non floral wedding centerpiece

Find many more tips here


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