Exclusive Wedding Venue: wedding at University

wedding at university

There are few settings that can match University‘s grandeur, style and history. To celebrate your love, we want your wedding day to not only be memorable, but unique and representative of who you are: which place could better show your love than the one where you met and fell in love?

lemon themed wedding at university

Weddings at University may be traditional or secular, interfaith or non-religious, anyway they can easily accommodate cultural, religious, family and individual traditions as diverse as the University itself. Holding your wedding event at University provides an historic flavor and elegance that is unmatched.

We can combine University’s rich traditions and heritage with the flexibility to custom create events that are contemporary and vibrant. Whether it’s a large wedding or an intimate party, you and your guests will enjoy elegance, impeccable service, and delicious cuisine in a place quite out of the ordinary.

Even if there are few restrictions (you should previously discuss when pictures may be taken and throwing of any objects, i.e. rice, rose petals, bubbles, confetti, etc., is usually not permitted) celebrate in the campus where you got your degree will amaze and surprise you and your guest like nowhere else!

Also think about a renewal of your wedding vows or a photo session at your University!


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