Yoga for Wedding

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Finally you’re engaged. You’ve just started combing through work, housework, bridal magazines, vendors, and getting advice from friends and family. Though it’s a blessed event, there’s really nothing more demanding than your wedding, even if you have by your side a Wedding Designer who orchestrates your dreams and desires.

Yoga, a 5,000-year-old physical and spiritual discipline was designed to help practitioners self-navigate into emotional health, and a state of inner calm and relaxation. Sound like something you need throughout the course of your wedding planning?

We always suggest to our brides-to-be to relax and tone up physically and mentally in preparation for their wedding. Sometimes you can get lost in the hustle of making sure everyone is happy, forgetting the most important person: YOU (and of course your future husband!). Bringing yoga into your wedding planning creates a space of unity and relaxation, and helps connect you to the deeper meaning of your special day. Weddings are all about connecting, first and foremost with your future spouse. Feel the energy flowing into your body: positive energy will definetely help you enjoy your big day.

But the whole idea of connecting with loved ones can quickly get overshadowed by missing RSVPs, seating charts and last-minute rehearsals. So, taking time to experience a heart-based practice alone with your future spouse or with your entire bridal party will bring everyone back to remembering the importance and sacredness of the day.Even for your Bachelorette Party you can chose a Yoga Session. This could be a beautiful opportunity to connect with your girls. Meet them on the beach, at a park, or in your back yard and bring inspiration, love and connection to everyone. Of course, also a relaxing massage can help!

Yoga Bride

We can arrange for you an exciting Yoga Session in order to deeply connect with your friends and family on the enchanting Monte Solaro, following the “path of the Goddes”…

Monte Solaro in Capri

If you and your fiancé are yoga lovers, let’s plan your yoga-inspired wedding: imagine Miami Beaches or Amalfi Coast, the music and quotes of your choice, all of your favorite poses and just a few chaturangas…

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