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The staff of Med inStyle is all composed by women. We are event and wedding designer so when we talk about sharing, what’s better than share with you the wedding of our Managing Director?

Alessandra has always been in love with arabic culture and people; Paolo felt in love with Morocco when one of his friend moved to Casablanca.

They had already lived togheter for 10 years when he proposed with a beautiful ring in a house full of calendars.

“You choose the date. I’m always ready”.

They decided to get married in Marrakech surrounded by their families and friends.

In Morocco the marriage celebration includes several well organized ceremonies that can last from 3 days to a week. Paolo and Alessandra decided to combine the catholic rite

Hand in hand throughout all the ceremony
Hand in hand throughout all the ceremony

with Moroccan art, music and cuisine.

At the end of the holy mass the couple was taken on a parade through the streets and neighborhoods, stopping at specific spots,

The newlyweds
The newlyweds
Alessandra, the bride
Alessandra, the bride

Wedding Parade

Paolo, the groom
Paolo, the groom

heading to the wedding venue: the outstanding Riad Infinity Sea by Mauro Parmesani, famous Italian photo reporter and close friend of Alessandra and Paolo.

The Riad Infinity Sea is a totally renovated Riad, which has been changed into a refined oasis of “bien vivre”. The owners’ aim is to make the architectural Arabic-Andalusian influences live again by combining the essentiality and the style of the Italian design. The project, carried out by the Italian interior designer Maurizio Ceppi, represents an excellent balance between the Made in Italy and the Arabic-Moroccan-Andalusian. Extraordinary field given to the Italian character of the figures, of the colours and the contents.

It’s a relaxing and refined place where you can recharge your batteries and find the right balance between dream and reality. A place where you can totally experience your time as a voyager, placidly sinking into the Moroccan atmosphere, though preserving attention to details which is also typical of a European house.

Eco-friendly systems are devised in the Riyadh: plans based on energy efficiency, ecological washing powder, eco-save bulbs, solar panels for hot water, commingled material recycling, water saving, fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs coming from biological farms.

Alessandra chose a short white dress in satin and a short bridal veil especially designed for her by the Neapolitan stylist Gabriella Delero. Her bouquet was made by white and red Transvaal daisies and she wore swaroski hand made sandals designed by the Neapolitan artisan Pasquale Canè.

Alessandra wedding gown
Alessandra’s wedding gown
Swaroski Sandals
Swaroski Sandals

The day after, the celebrations continued in the desert of Agafay, one hour far from Marrakech: a magic dinner at the sunset.

The desert
The desert of Agafay

The desert The desert

The desert


Watch out more details here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JOnYOfHwLQ




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